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Jia Liu: Interpreting and Translation, Lessons I Have Learned along My Career Path

30 November 2016


Centre for Education Research and Scholarship
Interpreting and Translation Seminars
Middlesex University5 December 2016, 19:30, Room W147 (Williams Building) 

Jia Liu (Middlesex University): Interpreting and Translation, Lessons I Have Learned along My Career Path

Lessons I have learned along my career path since 2007. What is it like to try to pursue two career paths in parallel, strive to keep my goals in sight and survive in a competitive reality? I hope my story will give you some ideas on which way to go and what key qualities will help to push you ahead. Having spent a total of nine years in the corporate world and the field of translation, I recently started a new adventure and set out to work as a freelance translator and interpreter. Apart from freelancing, I have been providing language-specific tuition to undergraduate and postgraduate students on translation programmes at Middlesex University. In my spare time, I am a volunteer translator for the website Watching America and also publish on LinkedIn Pulse.

For further information please contact Dr Abele Longo, MA Translation Programme Leader:

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