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Jose Belda Medina (University of Alicante): Spanish Computer Terminology and Software Localisation (Middlesex Interpreting and Translation Seminars)

4 November 2014
Jose Belda Medina

Jose Belda Medina

Middlesex Interpreting and Translation Seminars

School of Health and Education

12 November 2014, 13:00/15:00, Room C120

Dr Jose Belda Medina (University of Alicante): Spanish Computer Terminology and Software Localisation

English has played a dominant role in the terminology of computers, videogames and the New Technologies in the last decades. The growing expansion of different electronic devices and multitasking smart phones has brought about an increasing number of software applications or apps in the market. Creating multilingual applications is a major challenge for developers and companies as sale revenues are on the rise in this sector. There is a marked tendency towards abbreviated and contracted forms based on time and length restriction in English and Spanish. Different examples of lexical resources will be provided to illustrate the major challenges (accuracy, precision, freedom, creativity) translators face when localising these terms into Spanish.

Dr Jose Belda Medina is a Lecturer at the Department of English Studies from the Universidad de Alicante (Spain). He has taught language and linguistics for 18 years both in Spain (Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, Barcelona) and overseas (Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States). He has participated in the development of different English and Spanish language teaching programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is the Resident Director of a Master in Spanish co-organised with Central Michigan University (USA) and he has been the Spanish Academic Coordinator for several American colleges at the Universidad de Alicante. He has taught several courses about English Historical Linguistics, Spanish Semantics and Lexicology and English and Spanish for Specific Purposes (Tourism, Business, Computers, Translation). His research interests are Lexicology, Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics, Computer Translation. He has participated in different international conferences (BAAL, TESOL, AEDEAN, etc.) and research projects and published several articles in scientific journals (Target, Meta, Translation and Terminology, Babel, etc). He designed and directed the International Summer Program at the University of Alicante for six years and he is currently the Director of International Mobility. He is in charge of all exchange programmes and international partnerships with the University of Alicante.

Selected publications:

BELDA MEDINA, JR. 2014. “New Challenges in the translation of terminology for software applications” in Investigating Lexis: Vocabulary Teaching, ESP, Lexicography and Lexical Innovation . Cambridge Scholar Press (in press).

BELDA MEDINA, JR. 2005. “Techno Jargon: Main problems in the English-Spanish translation of Computer and Internet Terminology”, in Insights into Scientific and Technical Translation, pp 97-106 Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

BELDA MEDINA, JR. 2003. “English Conversion in Computer Terminology: Some Problems Affecting the English-Spanish Translation”, in TARGET, pp 317-336. John Benjamin Pub. Co

BELDA MEDINA, JR. 2002. “Translating Computer Abbreviations from English into Spanish: main Types and Problems”, in META, pp 920-930. Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal


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