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Middlesex Interpreting and Translation Seminars – Simona Negroni: Localisation, more than just translation?

23 November 2013

Middlesex Interpreting and Translation Seminars
School of Health and Education, Middlesex University

Wednesday 4 December 2013, 15:30/16:30, Room Port7B

Simona Negroni (Deluxe Digital Studios, London): Localisation, more than just translation?

Chair: Edgar Schröder, Middlesex University

What we mean by “localisation” and its relation to globalisation. The differences between translation and localisation and consideration of products which require localisation. A look at the real world market to see which kinds of jobs exist in the field of localisation at present.

SIMONA NEGRONI has completed an MSc in Scientific, Medical & Technical Translation with Translation Technology/ Localisation at Imperial College London and prior to that a BA in Applied Translation at London Metropolitan University. She translates extensively in the medical field and in the travel/tourism and media/arts sectors. Her other main interests are transcreation together with video games localisation and audiovisual translation (subtitling and translation for dubbing and voice-over). She has completed a translation traineeship at the European Commission in Brussels and works as a Localisation Account Manager at Deluxe Digital Studios in London.

Abele Longo:
MA Translation Programme Leader

Middlesex University
Tel: 020 8411 500
Travelling via public transport:
* Underground: Hendon Central (Northern line), then walk.
* Rail: Hendon, then 183 bus to The Burroughs.
* Bus: To The Burroughs: 143, 183, and 326.

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