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Monica Zhekov: Working effectively as interpreter and translator in legal settings (Presentation Summary)

28 April 2013


Monica Zhekov: Working effectively as interpreter and translator in legal settings

Presentation summary of seminar given at Middlesex University on 7 March 2013

During this presentation Standard Procedures for Court Interpreting and Standard Police Procedures that apply both to police interviews and statements were discussed with practical insights and examples. These guidelines were clearly presented and easy to follow and were illustrated with contextual examples aimed at recreating the context of a courtroom or police interview room. Mrs Zhekov summarized the essential tasks and subtasks for achieving a suitable legal translation and made the participants aware of the demands set by the legal texts which are operative texts that must adhere to specific constraints set by two divergent legal systems (of the Source Text and the Target Text).

Mrs Zhekov shared with the participants her experience as a practitioner in the field and stressed the working standards and ethical conduct required of a qualified interpreter. She pointed out that the interpreter should always interpret truly, without omissions and that they must understand and abide by the relevant procedures of the professional context in which they are working.
She also presented an easy to follow guide on how interpreters and translators can resolve terminological queries across any field of practice, without having any qualification or expertise in the relevant field, by keeping work diaries and managing the difficult terms with software capable of handling complex data. Such software packages are capable of placing the difficult terminology in context (bilingually) and supplying valid solutions by completing queries in exhaustive electronic corpora both specialised and general ones.


Monica Zhekov is Visiting Lecturer of Translation and Romanian Language Tutor and a Registered Public Service Interpreter and Translator. She holds a master’s degree in Translation and currently continues her research for designing an English-Romanian Glossary of English Criminal Law for interpreters and legal professionals using electronic corpora on the Professional Studies Doctorate Programme in Lexicography at Middlesex University (UK).

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