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Mapping the Field of Community Interpreting

26 April 2013

This new international conference on dialogue interpreting targets government representatives, policy makers, service providers, users and commissioners of signed and spoken interpreting services, researchers, trainers, interpreters, language and cultural mediators, and students.

Due to the massive increase in migration worldwide, multilingualism and multiculturalism have become the norm rather than the exception in our societies. This impacts on the way individuals communicate with each other, the way officials and institutions communicate with their clients and the way in which citizens (can) make their wishes heard and have their human rights respected. Such effects of globalization call for greater awareness of the need for dialogue interpreting as well as more and better professional interpreting services.

The level of professionalisation and institutionalisation of dialogue interpreting practice differs across the world. A few countries such as Australia, Canada and the UK have taken significant steps to establish professional dialogue interpreting services. Other countries and regions such as the Netherlands and Flanders struggle in times of austerity to maintain their established services, while others again, such as Germany and China, seek orientation in developing awareness of the need for professional dialogue interpreting, providing qualified training and securing appropriate remuneration for professionals working in the field.

The sheer mass of languages including minority and aboriginal languages underlines the need for research and development of new technologies and hybrid forms that support access to multilingual services.

The conference will be a forum for networking and the exchange of research findings and best practices and will bring together national and international professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and approaches to the subject.

The conference will be held in Berlin on 15 – 16 November 2013 at the Russisches Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur in the centre of the city. It will take place in conjuction with
EXPOLINGUA Berlin, the 26th International Fair for Languages and Cultures.

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