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Our new BA Interpreting and Translation

7 April 2013


This innovative programme with its focus on professional competence is designed to allow students to develop an equal degree of expertise in the disciplines of interpreting and translation in their chosen language pair. As students will be able to take modules that prepare them for the Chartered Institute of Linguists professional qualifications, the new BA Interpreting and Translation will be unique in the UK. In addition, we will offer a wider range of language combinations than our competitors giving students an added advantage when considering languages to study.

The programme was developed to reflect the rapidly changing world of the interpreting and translation industry and the emergence of new theories for understanding it. Our core teaching staff, including the MA Translation and CPSI programme leaders, all have research profiles and experience as interpreters and translators which we utilise to inform our teaching and which also serves to raise the profile of our programme, as well as helping you to develop professionalism in your chosen field and enhancing your employability. In addition, highly qualified specialist visiting lecturers, who are practitioners in relevant fields such as legal or medical interpreting, computer-aided translation and audiovisual translation, will also teach on the programme.

Over the years, a number of students on our current BA Translation course have secured prestigious placements such as the EU translation unit in Luxemburg, IBM and the European Economic and Social Committee. The skills and competencies that the students gained throughout the course greatly helped them to progress in their career; thus our focus on combining the new programme with a professional placement/study abroad sandwich option, which will give students an advantage in their studies, enhance their intercultural awareness and language skills and boost their employability once they have completed the course. Students can undertake the programme as either a three-year or four-year degree, with the latter incorporating the placement and/or study abroad option.

Programme Leader: Edgar Schroder


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