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Middlesex Interpreting and Translation Seminars: Working effectively as interpreter and translator in legal settings / Localisation – more than just translation?

28 February 2013

Middlesex Interpreting and Translation Seminars
School of Health and Education, Middlesex University

Monica Zhekov: Working effectively as interpreter and translator in legal settings
Simona Negroni: Localisation – more than just translation?

Thursday 7 March 2013, 16:00/18:00, Room W144 (Williams Building)

Monica Zhekov: Working effectively as interpreter and translator in legal settings. After a brief overview, the speaker will present and explain Standard Procedures for Court Interpreting and Standard Police Procedures that apply both to police interviews and statements. Following this,
the essential steps for ensuring quality in translation of legal texts will be addressed. The focus of the speech will be on building confidence as a practitioner by developing specialised glossary by means of a user friendly software (TLex). The topic will be concluded with a brief example to demonstrate how creative and useful it is to build a specialised legal glossary, based on terminology collected from translation and interpreting assignments.

Monica Zhekov is Visiting Lecturer of Translation and Romanian Language Tutor and a Registered Public Service Interpreter and Translator. She holds a master’s degree in Translation and currently continues her research for designing an English-Romanian Glossary of English Criminal Law for interpreters and legal professionals using electronic corpora on the Professional Studies Doctorate Programme in Lexicography at Middlesex University (UK).


Simona Negroni: Localisation – more than just translation?
This talk will focus on the world of localisation. I will explain what is meant by the term localisation and will go on to clarify related terms such as internationalisation and globalisation. We will see the differences between translation and localisation, and moreover, we will take a look at which kinds of products require localisation. Finally, we will touch upon the real world market and see which kinds of jobs exist in the field of localisation at present. A list of useful resources to broaden your knowledge on localisation will also be presented.

Simona Negroni has completed an MSc in Scientific, Medical & Technical Translation with Translation Technology/ Localisation at Imperial College London and prior to that a BA in Applied Translation at London Metropolitan University. She translates extensively in the medical field and in the travel/tourism and media/arts sectors. Her other main interests are transcreation together with video games localisation and audiovisual translation (subtitling and translation for dubbing and voice-over). She has completed a translation traineeship at the European Commission in Brussels and works as a Localisation Account Manager at Deluxe Digital Studios in London.

Abele Longo:
MA Translation Programme Leader
Middlesex University
Building 9
The Burroughs
London NW4 4BT

Middlesex University
Tel: 020 8411 500
Travelling via public transport:
* Underground: Hendon Central (Northern line), then walk.
* Rail: Hendon, then 183 bus to The Burroughs.
* Bus: To The Burroughs: 143, 183, and 326.

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