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Anna Maria Salecka: WORLD CINEMA FILM SCREENINGS – In other words : let’s see a good movie!

12 November 2011


WORLD CINEMA FILM SCREENINGS – In other words : let’s see a good movie!

A series of free of charge screenings is taking place in Hendon campus. Every two weeks there is an opportunity to see a film from a different country or region of the world. The main purpose is to explore cultural differences, but also to experience and practice foreign languages. Curious about how it looks, I went to the first meeting of the club.

I came a bit late so I decided to sneak through the back door. I know it’s a terrible sin, especially during a screening, but I did my best to be as silent as possible. To be honest, I shouldn’t have tried so much, because probably no one would notice even a pair of screaming chimpanzees running through the middle of the room. Everyone was enchanted by the story which was being told on the big screen and as soon as I took a seat I knew why. The French film Amelie makes you feel so positive about the whole world and each human being individually that you cannot take your eyes off of it and just dip into this beautiful story. Yes, I admit, it is a bit unrealistic, but isn’t that what many films are for? To escape and relax? Well, this is definitely one of those movies and if you feel a bit down it will improve your mood immediately. But back to the World Cinema Film Club! All these people gathered in one room experienced the same kind of feeling : warmth and kindness. And that’s the beauty of the film –  even if you watch it with a bunch of strangers, you feel connected to them simply by sharing the same emotions. Can’t believe that it’s possible? Come and check it out yourself!

The meetings start with a short introduction to the background of the movie and some information about the director. After each screening everyone is more than welcome to express their feelings about the film and start a discussion. The next film is Offside directed by Iranian Jafar Panahi; it will be screened on Wednesday 16 November in CG77 at 6.30pm. So if you are tired of they’re-all-about-the-same American comedies you should definitely pop in!

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  1. Abele Longo permalink*
    12 November 2011 17:59

    Many thanks to Anna Maria, BA Tourism and Spanish student, for this warm review of the first screening of our World cinema series organized by Raynalle Udris. More interesting films to come, please see the programme attached in the post of 25-October 2011

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